19 September 2017
General information about Cologne

You are planning a trip to Cologne?
We are looking forward to may welcome you in our house.
To be well prepared for your stay in our City, please check the following information:

Pollution Badge
Since January 2008 some of Colognes districts are located in an “Enviromental zone”. Our hotel is centrally situated in such a special area. Thus it is important to get a pollution Badge prior to arrival, to pass such a zone legally. Otherwise the police is allowed to press charges in variable amounts, if they pull you over.
For further information how to get this badge and other details, please follow this link (and change the language to English): 

2.)    City Culture Tax
There will be a new Article by law regarding the City Culture Tax becomes effective from 1st December 2014. If you cannot verify that you are travelling on behalf of Business an additional tax has to be paid. This will be 5% of the Logis Price. To avoid this amount please fill out the following document:
 Official form
3.)    Local public transport
Cologne’s traffic connection is very good. If you want to go by bus, taxi or train – all of these public transports are reachable. Our hotel is located next to the train stop “Rudolfplatz”.
Please follow this link and get further information about Cologne’s traffic connection :
Our daily best rates
 Single Double
19.09. Tue.  sold out    sold out
20.09. Wed.  sold out    sold out
21.09. Thu.  sold out    sold out
22.09. Fri.  €81    €99
Exclusive breakfast buffet
Cologne Info
Time:  18:58
Tue, 19.09.  15°C 
Wed, 20.09.  17°C 
Thu, 21.09.  19°C 
Distances from hotel
Centre 0.1 km
Fair 3.5 km
Trainstation 2.5 km
Airport 18.0 km
Freeway A57 2.5 km
University 2.2 km
Cologne Fairs
No Events
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